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Success Stories

"John has helped me to understand that alignment of the spine affects physical and emotional health. With a holisitc approach to health care, he advises on diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. I visit him periodically for treatment that keeps me balance. I recommend John even to my healthy friends. He is knowledgeable, intuitive, caring and attentive, and his treatment is effective. John is not only my chiropractor. He is my friend."
Wayne McDonnell - Portland Police Officer, and avid golfer

"Dr. Helton is very competent and is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding his profession."
Dr. Geoffrey Brown - Orthopedic Surgeon

"Dr. John and his staff care about people. The results I have experienced are fantastic. Not only for myself, but for my employees I refer to him."
Gordon Pardy - Business Executive

"Magic Hands! There may be some chiropractors better. I haven't met one."
Frank Morris - Former Track and Field Coach at The University of Oregon and Oregon State

"Dr. Helton's work affects one's being on many levels - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. He's much more than a chiropractor. He's a healer."
Sri Devi - Feng Shui Consultant

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! Simply the best in the Northwest! That's why I refer my clients to him."
Lesh Munn, Health and Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist

"I refer my family, friends, patients, and students to Dr. Helton. His highly professional, sensitive and compassionate care has greatly facilitatated not only my physical, but also my emotional, mental and spiritual being. An absolute must for anyone with a physical body, especially energy practitioners.
Jill Schumacher, Registered Nurse and Teacher at OHSU

"John Helton makes my golf game better!"
David Zarosinski - Attorney

"Dr. Helton is an excellent chiropractor with wonderful bedside manners. He makes me feel comfortable by explaining every procedure in detail."
Jeff Neff, Professional Golfer

"Dr. Helton has helped me for many years, including helping me recover from my paralysis of my face with Bells Palsy. He is very caring and knowledgeable in not only chiropractic but herbs and nutritional supplements."
Dense Martin - Nurse Practitioner

"Dr. Helton is the only chiropractor that has ever helped me. But more than that, I consider him my friend because I know that he truly and sincerely cares. I feel emotionally better as well as physically after seeing Dr. John."
Marie Bowmer

"Through Dr. Helton's care and expertise, he saved me from not one, but two surgeries!"
Debra Johnson - Vocational Consultant

"I've known a lot of chiropractors. Dr. Helton is the only one who has been able to help me. He's the only reason I haven't used my .357 on me. He's always there for me."
Bonnie Fry - Real Estate Investor

"He's well educated. When he adjusts me, its gentle and specific, and he's good and very skillful and gives care that works and gets immediate results. he also attends to the emotional and spiritual. When he adjusts my neck, I feel a release and explosion of energy through my whole being. i refer many auto accident patients to Dr. Helton because I see people get better fast."
Michelle Herzog-Dial - Massage Therapist