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How Well Do You Know Your Portland Chiropractor

How well do you know your Portland Chiropractor?1. True or False? A chiropractor learns how to manipulate joints in two weeks.

2. True or False? The manipulation of the spine by a chiropractor is safe for children, pregnant women, those who have been injured on the job and in a car accident but not athletes.

3. True or False? Chiropractor, Dr. Helton was introduced to healing effects of chiropractic from his own father who was a chiropractor. 


1. False. Interestingly, in 1994, one medical doctor rebutted another in the Canadian Family Physician journal, explaining that no chiropractor only receives two weeks of training in manipulation! Your chiropractor, Dr. Helton was trained in chiropractic school for four years and the program included an internship.

All this chiropractor training gives him the skills to perform the manipulations safely and the opportunity to learn many different ways to adjust each joint. Your Portland chiropractor, Dr. Helton, took additional training on weekends, just to make sure he was ready for any unusual cases. Wow, that’s a lot of dedication!

2. False. When a chiropractor has had four years of training plus an internship, the manipulations are safe. If chiropractic is not safe, health insurance would not pay for it. 

The false part of this statement is that a chiropractor cannot treat athletes. Many professional sports teams have a chiropractor on their health care advisory team to attend to the athletes when they have injuries.

Studies do show that manipulation performed by a chiropractor who went through the rigorous training program is superior to any medical and physiotherapy treatment for lower back pain. Dr. Helton treats pregnant women, children, athletes, and those who have been injured in a car accident or on the job.

3 False. Dr. Helton's father was a general surgeon. Through watching his father's work, Dr. Helton discovered that while surgery can be life-saving, it is better to not allow patients to get to that point by using preventive health strategies, like chiropractic care.


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