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About Us

It is our life mission to continue to grow and transform and to assist in the healing process of our patients by reducing and, if possible, removing interference and stress to the nervous system, which governs all function in the body and is responsible for the internal communication and integration of 70 trillion cells in the body, as well as communication with our external environment—both physical and non-physical. We focus on health care not sick care or emergency care, although we recognize and address the need and desire of all for fast relief of pain and symptoms, which we are effective at doing without drugs in most instances. However, we do not hesitate to refer a person(s) for relief care to another doctor or facility if he/she is in dire need for a pharmaceutical and/or surgical intervention. We choose to use nutritional whole food complexes, herbs, homeopathy, and some nutriceuticals to address underlying causes of dis-ease and dysfunction in the body and to promote more optimum function and health not suppression of symptoms.

We respect each person’s right to choose what kind of health care she/he desires. We are dedicated to sharing information and knowledge (and hopefully, wisdom from life experience) to assist each person in understanding his/her condition and how to improve it. We recognize the power of compassion and loving kindness and the awesome capacity within each of us to heal ourselves and transform our community.

We are grateful to offer our services, which we have been blessed in doing for 33 years in the Woodstock area at our present location. We are a family oriented business. We have had the opportunity to see children of whom we have taken care become adults and to provide care to their children. This is a joy to us to be a part of the extended Woodstock community.

We do our best to hold a space of love and acceptance and prayer for those who come to us for care, because we do care and recognize that we are all in this great adventure together. We do our best to listen with our hearts not just our ears. We respect and acknowledge unity within diversity and diversity within unity.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations. We welcome the opportunity. Healing is our calling and life’s work. We look forward to your calling and meeting you.